ICE Cracking Down On Illegal Aliens

Immigration Raids California

ICE is cracking down on illegal aliens in the United States & the Snowflakes are melting in horror…  Read my latest article in The Trump Times.  ~~Sister Patriot

Dear Liberals: Stop Whining About Illegal Deportation




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Out of the Mouths of Babes…

Second Coming

My littlest Patriot just woke up and came downstairs. Still sleepy and rubbing his eyes, he came over to me and gave me a big hug.
“I just had a dream, Mama.”

I asked him what it was about.

“You and me and Daddy were sitting in the other room and all of a sudden there was a bright flash of light at the window. Something was at the window! We looked and it was an ANGEL! Daddy smiled and said, “We’re going to Heaven!” I grabbed my Luigi plush. Brother came downstairs & brought me my Mario plush. Then we all went outside. There were people everywhere and we were all looking up!”

I can’t convey in words how sweetly his voice sounded as he told me all of this, but I can tell you it made me very joyful.  ~~Sister Patriot

Acts 2:17
17 ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your young men shall see visions,
Your old men shall dream dreams.


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Read my latest article in The Trump Times!

Take one dinner table full of Conservative Christians & sprinkle in a few Liberal atheists who are sore about Trump winning the election.  Bake at “hot under the collar” for an hour or two.  For a full flaming fiasco, bring up Creation vs. Evolution.  Make sure to wear your protective goggles.

Read my latest article in The Trump Times!   ~~ Sister Patriot












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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… 2012


I wrote this back in 2012 at Christmas.  I cannot believe it’s been 5 years already.  On the other hand, I’m so grateful that the B.O. era is over and Donald Trump is in the White House now!!  Praise God!  ~~Sister Patriot 


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Merry Christmas from Sister Patriot…

It is 6 days until Christmas & things are very busy at the Patriot household.  Still unpacking & settling into our new house. We discovered our oldest “little Patriot”, who just turned 15, had his feet hanging off the end of his twin bed!!  All 6’2 of him.  So that required a fast shopping excursion for a bigger bed. 
Our Christmas tree is up & decorated, Christmas shopping is done  Now I am faced with cleaning, wrapping presents & baking Christmas cookies.
This year we were fortunate to finally be able to take our little Patriots to see the Nutcracker ballet in San Francisco.  I’ve wanted to take them forever, just to experience it once.  When we could afford it, they were too little & then B.O. flushed us all down the toilet & we were unable to for so long.  Finally this year…  FINALLY.  And they loved it.  (Or else they were just humoring their Mom).  Either way, it was a great experience.  Something that I’ve been to many times in my life.  Mr. Patriot was taken there every Christmas as a child… so it was really exciting to go as a family & let our boys experience it.
We don’t visit the city much anymore, but I must say that Kate Steinle was on my mind as we walked the two blocks to the Opera House.  My littlest Patriot asked me why the stairwell in the parking garage smelled like pee.  The city really is a different place.  Any metropolitan city is.  So many people, wealth & poverty all mixed together. People enjoying life & people hoping to make it through to the next day.  Sin, depravity, illegal activity & anger.  But also the richness of the symphony, ballet & theatre.  History and even beauty.  The sun hitting the Golden Gate Bridge & the sparkling water is a sight to behold.  Looking across the water at the city lights at night, brings to mind a jewel box full of twinkling diamonds. 
Sadly, the world is a dark place & San Francisco is no exception.  The Left has taken it’s toll on the city and on this state.
Once inside the Opera House, I visited the Ladies’ Room.   You can imagine what went through my head as I discovered the toilet seat was up.  Hmmm…  I chose another stall & wasted no time getting out of there.
After the ballet was over, as we exited the building, our littlest Patriot said to an attendant at the door, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!”  The man looked a bit shocked at my two boys, proudly wearing their crosses.  One man & one woman with two children… in the middle of San Francisco… how antiquated!  He paused for a moment & replied, “Happy Holidays.”  After a minute he added, “Merry Christmas.”  This pleased my son as we’ve been taking note of the many people who have refused to say ‘Merry Christmas’ this season.   Proud of my little jasper for speaking his heart.  He knows the true meaning of Christmas.
The Patriot family is giving thanks to God for a 2017 that has allowed us to do some things for our children that we haven’t been able to do in a very long time.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and God’s blessings in the New Year.
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter. She is the guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can also read her articles at The Trump Times.
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Day of Rage: What is it?

The domestic terrorists called ANTIFA have deemed November 4 a “Day of Rage” across he USA. Here is what you need to know. Read my article at The Trump Times. ~~ Sister Patriot



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Sister Patriot Now Writing for The Trump Times

ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am pleased to announce that in addition to my other Sister Patriot endeavors, I am now writing for The Trump Times.  You can see my first published article below.  ~ Sister Patriot


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When You Drain A Swamp…


When you drain a swamp, the most watery of the filth goes first. It’s the thinner sludge & the liquid that exits the drain the easiest.
This is followed by the more viscous material. The thick, sticky mess that is more stubborn than liquid, but not yet solid material.
Next you have the larger solid pieces of waste in the swamp. They are pulled to the drain by the current, but tend to all gather in a clump, blocking the drain & have to be told, “You can’t all exit at once. One at a time so you’ll all fit!” They’re in a huge hurry to leave the swamp as they see they’re being exposed due to the exiting liquid. They are similar to rats fleeing a sinking ship.
Once those bits are gone, you’re left with the giant swamp creatures. The massive turds that cannot fit through the drain without being taken down a few sizes first. These are the more tenacious pieces of matter. Greed, corruption, lies & lust for power make these turds grow to enormous sizes. They take more time to exit.
As the level of the swamp lowers, the solid masses of waste tend to stick up more, being revealed to all who look. They don’t have the liquid & the sludge & the smaller waste to conceal their identity anymore. This makes it very easy for those watching to see clearly just WHO are the biggest problems in the swamp. Some are a surprise & others are not, but all are being exposed. One turd at a time. The swamp is still being drained. Keep going, Mr. President. We, the people support you 100%!!!  ~~ Sister Patriot
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also contributing blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.
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Dear Procter & Gamble:


A recent ad from Procter & Gamble
Dear Procter & Gamble:
I did my grocery shopping today and I didn’t buy even one of your products. Things I normally purchase have now been replaced by alternative products. Yes, I am a White woman in America. But contrary to your ad, I don’t carry any “white privilege”. I am not, nor have I ever been a racist. Implying that White people are all racist, is an insult to the majority of us who are not.
I refuse to support a company who feeds into the radical Progressive Left’s divisive narrative.
I refuse to support a company who insinuates that our Police Officers are out to get Black people.
I refuse to support Procter & Gamble any longer because your company obviously aligns itself with the Global Elites who want to divide and conquer our great land. Pitting races & classes against one another, causing fear, anger & resentment. It’s disgusting & frankly… what does any of it have to do with dishwashing liquid & air freshener?
So while you may not care one bit about what I have to say & you might not even care about the money you will lose from my family alone, you might care about all of my fellow Americans who will join me in removing monetary support of your company. You see, you may find us all inconsequential individually… but as a whole, we can have an effect on your bottom line. Just ask Starbucks.
And by the way, the radical Left that your company is marching in lockstep with? You might want to re-check the history books. The very party whose playbook you go by, is the same party who loved slavery, segregation & fought tooth & nail to keep Black people from voting.
Stop picking at a scab & promoting civil unrest.
Sister Patriot, a former customer & a whole bunch of her friends
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel. Please subscribe to this blog to receive in direct to your inbox each time it’s published.
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The Patriot Family Goes on Vacation…

Stagecoach Columbia

Well, the Patriot family took a short trip up to the Gold Country this past weekend.  A place where my family went every summer as I was growing up.  This was the first time my children had ever been there & in fact. our first family vacation ever.  When we had plenty, the little Patriots were pretty little or there was just never time to go away…  and then B.O. won the election & vowed to “fundamentally transform” America & took us down the poop chute at the same time & you know the rest.   So this was a weekend of firsts.  It was fun for us as a family, nostalgic for me and so educational for our children.  The last time Mr. Patriot and I were there, I was pregnant with our first little patriot… who is now 6’4 and 14 years old. So….  it’s been a while.
I’ve always loved it there. After 15 years, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was so pleasantly surprised.  Though it has grown some, all of the original  parts of the towns remain intact.  Everything I remember from my childhood is just as it was way back then… right down to the certain types of candy they make in the family-owned candy store there.  An historical area where you can imagine a Sheriff walking down the middle of the dirt street with his pistol drawn, or a bar brawl in the local saloon.  You can imagine ladies in their sunbonnets & skirts, carrying baskets of fresh eggs to the market to sell.  Horses, carriages & a stagecoach are all part of the scenery.  Aside from that, memories of my sister and I sitting on a bench eating a snowcone as little girls, remembering my grandparents talking to a local character who always played his banjo out in front of his shop & told tall tales…. seeing the barber shop where my Dad always got a trim when we were up there on vacation & remembering my Mom’s very favorite dark chocolate honeycomb from that candy store.  And now, so many years later, there I was again but this time with my own family.  So many memories flooding through my mind.  Realizing I have only my Mom now… and wondering where all the time went, yet being so grateful to be where I am today with my husband and children. 
Another wonderful thing I noted was the people.  Many older folks up there.  Men who hold the door open for you & remember when there is a lady present.  Things that I just don’t see anymore… at least where we live.  Not just the older generation, but the younger ones too.  Overall polite.  Polite and real.  Where I live you see women who are at least 50% synthetic or more.  It’s about expensive homes & cars, where you’re vacationing & how hard you can overschedule & push your kids to excel so that you can brag about them.  Up there, I didn’t see any of that.  Just normal people, living their lives.  Oh I’m sure there are some jerks there too, as the bad always comes with the good.  But the ratio is much different. 
I am so grateful that things are improving for our family so that we are again able to give our kids these experiences.  I’m grateful for a wonderful husband who works so hard for this family & was totally on board with re-visiting a part of my childhood & sharing it with our children.  Grateful that they all put up with my non-stop story telling all weekend long!  (I really couldn’t help myself). 
The icing on the cake?  A YUGE “TRUMP” sign on a small gold panning shop.  I loved every minute of it.   Places like this are the very best parts of the USA.   ~~ Sister Patriot
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.  You can subscribe to this blog here & watch her videos on the Sister Patriot YouTube channel here
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