For the last few weeks I’ve been having the worst time trying to operate my Sister Patriot FB page.  Facebook has now decided to school the general public on “fake news”.  Of course, the Left feels that anything coming from the Right is “fake news”.  YouTube has been cracking down, de-monetizing videos over anything “controversial” (again, anything we on the Right believe, is “controversial” to the Left.)  Why is this happening?  I have a theory.  Watch my latest Sister Patriot channel video to get my take on it.  ~~Sister Patriot

You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray and you can now watch the Sister Patriot YouTube channel.

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London Westminster Attack: Commentary

London attack

I have been thinking a lot about the London Westminster terror attack that happened last week near Parliament.  All acts of terror are hideously evil, sickening and just hit you in the gut.  Senseless crime committed as usual, on behalf of the “religion of peace”.  This one in particular really got to me.

I love England.  I’ve been an Anglophile ever since I was a little girl.  Mr. Patriot lived in England for a while as a little boy.  We even spent some time in England on our honeymoon.
I have walked back & forth over the Westminster Bridge at least 20 times. First with my husband and then again on another trip with my Mother while carrying our first unborn little Patriot.  I have crossed the same walkways where people lost their lives & were injured by unspeakable evil.
It also hurts my heart because England is our ally.  Who could forget the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace right after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City?  I watched this on tv & I sobbed.  I will never forget it.

When Khalid Masood decided to take four innocent lives and injure over 50 more, he also pierced the hearts of many other people around the world.  Those of us who see how the world is deteriorating.  Those of us who hurt with each cowardly act of terror, no matter what part of the world it takes place in.  We should be standing together.  We should all be united.  Every single person who rejects this sick ideology should be on the same page.  Sadly, we’re not.

What did we see right after the most recent terror attack?  Tweets!  From Leftists, spewing their ignorant bias.  Some blaming President Trump, of all people!  We saw the MSM tip-toeing around carefully around making sure they didn’t offend anyone.
Also last week in Canada, their bill M103 passed easily.  The bill singles out criticism of Islam, deeming it “Islamophobia”.
Donald Trump Jr tweeted something about a previous comment that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had made, saying basically that terrorist attacks were part & parcel of living in a big city (which is a ridiculous comment).  Instead of people saying something about the Mayor’s silly statement & almost excusing it, they jumped on Donald Trump Jr.  As usual.  Because that’s what Liberals do.  There is no common sense at all.
Well, the Deplorables amongst us, who are not afraid to speak up for what is RIGHT, are calling it what it is… and it IS Radical Islamic Terrorism.
This has got to stop.  There are now children without their parents.  There’s a wife without her husband.  There are family members who are aching because their loved ones lives have been ripped from theirs.  It has to end, but how can it when we live in such a sickening P.C. society?  How can it end when we have such a dumbed-down culture? We have indoctrination in our public schools & Universities.  Just about every show on television is presented with a Liberal slant.
If all American citizens had active brain tissue, we’d ALL be behind President Trump’s travel ban & extreme vetting order 100%!!  How difficult is it to see what has happened to Europe?  One would think that after the attacks on Paris, Nice, Normandy, Brussels, Germany & now London… someone would’ve figured out that something has got to change.  Just look at the attacks we’ve already had here in the U.S.  What about the attacks they’ve had in Australia?
So my question is:  Why doesn’t the Left SEE what is happening?  Why is their first reaction always to inexplicably bash the Right instead of calling it what it is & banding together with the rest of us who denounce these evil acts?
Every single lawmaker in Washington should be on board with President Trump & intelligent enough to understand why.
To the Liberals, I would say: If you don’t leave your doors unlocked at night, does that make you an elitist?  A racist?  A bigot?  Why do you have locks on your doors & windows?  Why do you have an alarm system?  Why do you have a PIN on your debit card?  Why don’t you let the beggar on the street corner use your vehicle for the day?
I’ll tell you why & it’s a good reason.  You’re protecting your family, your home & your belongings.  It’s just common sense.  It’s the responsible thing to do.  So why can’ t you see that open borders & allowing in UN-vetted refugees from countries who wish to kill us, is a BAD idea!?  How can you have common sense when it comes to protecting your own stuff, yet lose all sense of reason when it comes to protecting your own country & your fellow countrymen?
Yes I am sad for London.  I’m sad for all of those who have been affected by radical Islamic terrorism all over the world.  I’m sad for the terminally dense who fail to see the problem at hand & refuse to support those who are trying to eradicate it.  As for me, I support my President 100%.  I thank GOD for putting him in the White House. Prayers for London & for us all.  ~~ Sister Patriot
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  You can also watch her on The Sister Patriot YouTube channel.  She is also guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray on Facebook.
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OFFEND, OFFEND! Jesus “Offended” and Believers/Conservatives Should Follow!

I don’t often re-blog articles, but if I do it has to be good. THIS is good & a must read. Written by former CA Gubernatorial Conservative candidate, host of The Wake UP Mission Radio Show, unapologetic Christian, strong Patriot & a friend of mine. Chelene Nightingale. Relating a recent experience she had & shining a light on Conservative Christians amongst us. Her experience truly astonished me. Now more than ever we need boldness. Boldness for Christ & boldness for Liberty. Just like I always say…. speak up for what is RIGHT! This is one you won’t want to miss. ~~Sister Patriot

Chelene Nightingale

“Clearly the show is not the right fit for you,” …… “I also do not want the show to be so extreme that it alienates the left.”….. Wrote the producer of a new online show allegedly created for Christian, conservative and libertarian female viewers. The producer terminated me in Facebook messenger after her dissatisfaction of my “passion” of the truth and disagreeing with the main host. The producer also included her bullet points for the show which was not shared with me until the termination – two of the points were rather interesting: “To avoid alienating listeners who may be affiliated with an entirely different set of beliefs and political views. * To avoid projecting intolerance and/or disrespect towards those who do not share their belief system including fellow co-hosts.”

No wonder America has a growing Marxist and anti-God movement! Even Obama boasted that America was no longer a Christian…

View original post 1,457 more words

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INTRODUCING: The Sister Patriot YouTube Channel!

After much thought, research & hard work, I am pleased to introduce the launch of The Sister Patriot YouTube channel! I am excited to add another way to bring you politics, patriotism, faith & humor!!

Rest assured, nothing will change with the Sister Patriot FB page! I’m simply adding a YouTube channel to the mix.

A HUGE thank you to my talented friend, Jimmy Allen Bell! Not only has he advised me on software programs & tech knowledge, he has also produced a variety of intros/outros for my upcoming videos… ALONG with original lyrics & vocals!! I wouldn’t have gotten this far without his help. (You can check out more of Jimmy’s work here: )

You can view my introduction video above (if you haven’t already).  And then please head over to my YouTube channel —–>>>>

& hit the SUBSCRIBE button! This way you will receive a notification whenever a new video is uploaded. This will ensure you never miss a thing.   ~~Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on FB and Twitter.  She is also guest blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray on FB.

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I Love my President! #MAGA


I am a Christian, Conservative woman who sorts things out for herself. I don’t blindly stumble after the guy in front of me, just because he’s going in that direction. I do my own research and rely on my common sense. I recognize that just because someone is famous or reporting the news on television or has a graduate degree in something fascinating, doesn’t make that person an authority on any or all subjects. I rely on my own intelligence, what the Bible tells me and open eyes & ears to arrive at my own conclusions. I question people who claim they are peaceful and “tolerant” while they break storefronts, shut down busy streets, scream at innocent people walking by and slander our police & military heroes. I question a portion of the population who are foul-mouthed, display vulgar behavior and model hatred for their children to possibly emulate. I’m tired of the Hollywood elite who can’t get on SNL fast enough to parody our new President and his administration. I’m disgusted at the stores, eateries and coffee houses that feel the need to toss their political two-cents into the ring, making half of their customers feel irritated and unwelcome. I ask myself what on earth has happened to humankind? How can so many people be blinded by truth? Why did our previous Commander in Chief slide through 8 years, taking a baseball bat to all that was holy, while enforcing as many unconstitutional Executive Orders as he could? Why was that OK? And why do the Left not acknowledge the militant protesting whining crybabies? They seem like zombies as they just keep repeating their catchphrases. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? These same people are coming unglued because “it’s such a scary time”. Honestly… coming from someone whose family was all but destroyed by the horrid policies of the last administration & the Left in general, I now have hope again. I am thanking GOD in Heaven for the many blessings we see unfolding each and every day. For placing someone who was up to the fight. Someone who doesn’t give up. Someone who is putting GOD back into the White House & setting things straight. Don’t ever let anyone mock you for supporting President Trump. If they do, pity them for being one of the blind and ignorant. All we can do is pray that their eyes are opened at some point and the fog lifts for them. Don’t be intimidated by someone you think is more accomplished than you. All the degrees or fame or money in the world mean nothing if you don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. And as for all the noise coming from the Left… just remember, the Wicked Witch was pretty noisy as she was melting, too. ~~ Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also featured blogger for Right-winged Birds of Pray.

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The Real Story on the “Sweden” Comment


I cannot imagine what it would be like to have the world’s eyes watching my every move.  Especially when I had the Progressive-infiltrated Liberal lying media waiting with bated breath for any opportunity to pounce.  This is just what happened after President Donald Trump’s Melbourne, Florida rally on Saturday, Feb.18. 

First of all, the Left had a colossal meltdown over the fact that our beautiful First Lady, Melania Trump recited The Lord’s Prayer before introducing her husband.  The hatred on social media was vicious, however it came as no surprise.  We all know Satan recoils in horror at the very mention of the LORD’s name.   Well done, Mrs. Trump!

That was Saturday.  Sunday morning brought new attacks from the Left & the mainstream media (but I repeat myself).  During his speech in Melbourne, President Trump was talking about why we need to have a “travel ban” on these “refugees”.  (Something that MANY Americans are behind 100%). 

“You look at what’s happening in Germany.  You look at what’s happening, last night, in Sweden.  Sweden!  Who would believe this?  Sweden!  They took in large numbers.  They’re having problems like they never thought possible.  You look at what’s happening in Brussels.  You look at what’s happening all over the world…”

The Left pounced  From Fake CNN to Fake ABC World News and everyone else in between.  Enter the low-information people chiming in on social media.  I even read a comment from an acquaintance, laughing about the “Sweden” comment.  She added, “If you want to hear a lie, ask a Republican.”  I might add that this same individual wrote in “Mickey Mouse” on her voter ballot because she didn’t know who to vote for.  She thought that was funny too. (My late Dad did not get shot in WWII so that someone could mock our voting process.)

The Left is having a field day, mocking President Trump for naming a “terrorist attack” in Sweden, that never happened.  Is it just me?  I didn’t hear him say there was a terror attack in Sweden.  What I heard was him listing the problems in a number of countries WHO HAVE ALLOWED REFUGEES INTO THEIR COUNTRY.    Today President Trump himself tweeted out the following in response to the uproar:


Just prior to the President’s tweet, there was a statement from Sarah Sanders, the White House deputy press secretary.  She said that the President’s comment had been “referring to a report he had seen the previous night.”

“He was talking about rising crime and recent incidents in general, and not referring to a specific incident,” Sanders said.

So maybe instead of saying “last night” in Sweden, he should’ve said, “a report I watched just last night, speaking about Sweden”…..  Isn’t this just semantics?    All I see here are hateful people on the Left who care more about attacking what our President says, than about our actual safety.  This man and his family gave up a great deal to take on the White House and give back to our country.  For those of us who have been so injured by the last 8 years of poor policies…  And ALL of us who are in danger from the open borders and Radical Islamic Extremists who wish to destroy us….  I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who are not supporting our President and the Trump Administration.

Still think it’s comical?  Still think Sweden is like a day at Disneyland?  Think again.  Take a look at this video clip below from “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, specifically about Sweden.  This may even be the news story President Trump was referring to at the rally.  We’ve all heard about the large amounts of “refugees” accepted into Germany.  We’ve seen the news stories of the gang rapes and the overall escalation in crime directly due to these UN-vetted “refugees”.  That is no surprise.  But did you know that Sweden accepted over 160,000 “refugees” in 2016 alone?   Of these, only 500 were able to get jobs.  Crime and violence has spread across Sweden.  Did you know there has been a surge in gun violence and rape since Sweden began their “open door” policy?  Did you know there are over 50″NO-GO” zones in Sweden?  Areas where the local police don’t venture into because it is too dangerous?  And given all that, do you know that so many Swedes try to defend their “open door policy”?  They make excuses for those “refugees” causing problems and if you try to point out the obvious, you are excoriated as “anti-Islamic”, “racist” and a “xenophobe”??  Sound familiar?? 

(Interview starts at 21:17)

Here is an article from over a year ago, reporting on Swedish police being attacked as they struggle in “NO GO ZONES” as migrant crime skyrockets.

And here is a recent article, with video, on Swedens “NO GO ZONE” crisis.

There is clearly a massive issue with UN-vetted “refugees” and crime in Sweden.  How pathetic that our media and the Left are so full of hatred, they are more interested in mocking our President than focusing on what he is telling us.  He is pointing to the many examples we have in European countries who have let in hundreds of thousands of these UN-vetted “refugees”.  He is working to protect our country from the same fate!   I find it beyond baffling that a portion of Americans cannot grasp that concept.  ~~ Sister Patriot


Sister Patriot is a wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT.  You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook and Twitter.  She is also featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray on Facebook.




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Trump Inauguration and the Futility of the Left


The Inauguration of Donald Trump is fast approaching.  I know there are many reports in the media about planned protests and the problems the Left are devising to ruin the day.  I’m sure they are.  I have no doubt.  But it’s been my feeling all along that they will be powerless. Their efforts will be a lesson in futility. Now I don’t know anything more than anybody else.  This is just a gut feeling I’ve had since Trump won the election. 

You see, if you go back to the beginning and look at all Trump had to get through.  Everyone laughed at his announcement that he was entering the race.  Then there was the ton of fellow candidates he had to bulldoze past.  Getting the nomination was huge & people were shocked.  How did that happen?  Trump?  People were stunned.  The Left was furious, but still mocked. 

Then we entered the battle between Trump & Hillary.  You were there & you know how it went.  He had to deal with the lowest of the low.  Lies, fraud, Soros money funding paid protestors.  The media hated him.  Hollywood slandered him.  Hillary had a full tank of gas in her broomstick.  It was brutal.  And yet….  he won.  He won big.  Hillary took it hard (in fact, where IS she?)  The Left howled in pain.  They scuttled to the dark corners & licked their wounds.  They threatened lawsuits and protests.  They raged.  They’re still raging. 

Nothing has changed.  The media still hates him.  Hollywood is still slandering him.  And what has he done?  He’s already done more to help our economy than B.O. did in 8 years of hell & Trump isn’t even acting President yet!! 

So here is what I think.  Many, many people were praying for Trump to win.  Praying that God’s Will be done, but asking that He please heal our land.  Please hear our cries and help so many of us who do love Him.  Those of us who are His children.  My personal prayer is always that He bind the hands of the wicked and save our country from going over the edge.  We all know if Hillary had won, that would’ve been it.  I believe with all my heart that God heard our plea.  He listened and in fact, I believe He placed Trump where he is for such a time as this.  You can’t convince me otherwise. 

So now we come to the Inauguration and the Left is thrashing around and gnashing their teeth.  I say, let them.  What keeps repeating in my head when people voice their fear about the inauguration being stopped, “Oh ye of little faith”.  Look at all God has brought us through.  Look at the journey He has led Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence on.  God says that He will bless those who bless Israel and He will curse those who curse her.  President Elect Trump loves Israel and plans to restore our bond with her.  God knows Mr. Trump’s heart and I believe He is using him for this purpose.

Since Trump won, we have seen people running in circles, wringing their hands, sitting in their safe spaces, drinking their hot cocoa & whimpering.  We’ve had Jill Stein’s lawsuits and top secret Soros-led meetings, devising plans to stop Trump. Their attempts fail at ever turn!  To me it’s all looked like a comedy.  My late Dad used to talk about “The Keystone Kops”.  Way, WAY before my time, but they ran around in circles, crashing into each other & falling down.  That is what all the Trump detractors make me think of.  They’re powerless.  Evil is powerless in the face of God. 

So as we approach January 20th, I would encourage my fellow Patriots to please continue to pray for President Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence.  Pray for their families and for those who are assembling to form the new administration.  Ask that God continue to bind the hands of those who wish to cause problems or bring harm. I think we are living in incredible times, watching prophecy unfold.  I will be watching the Inauguration with the rest of the world as God covers this historic event in His protection.  ~~Sister Patriot 


You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook and Twitter.  She is also Featured Blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.

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Mr. Sulu Beams Up a Petition because……. racism, etc.

George Takei Attends A Luncheon At The National Press Club
George Takei, Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, has very recently launched a petition to “Stand up for muslims in the U.S.”   He is against President Elect Trump’s stance on muslim refugees coming into this country yadda-yadda.  He explains that during WWII, he & his family were sent to an internment camp and he doesn’t want the same “hatred & racism” to take place again.
A few things….  first of all, I’ve always thought Mr. Takei seemed like a lovely man.  He’s well-loved by Star Trek fans and he seems genuinely like a nice person.  I am sure his thoughts here are well meaning.   BUT, the fact that an openly gay man is begging for the continued influx of un-vetted “refugees” into this country is INSANE.  It’s been more than proven that the bulk of these people are young adult males. (Look at Germany.) The influx is nothing more than a Trojan horse, bringing in an army of those who wish to destroy us and everything we believe in.  INCLUDING a gay man’s right to be openly gay.  WHY oh why don’t these Liberal Progressives have any common sense?  Why can’t they see what is right in front of their faces?  Why are they so easily manipulated and brainwashed?  I would love to know if Mr. Takei knows what these people DO to gay men?  It’s abhorrent and evil, all done in the name of “allllllllllllllah”.
As for WWII and the Japanese internment camps, I would tell Mr. Takei that as Civil War General William Sherman said, “War is hell.”  During WWII, we were at war with the Japanese.  In 2017, we are at war with isssssslam. They wish to kill us and destroy our way of life.  They wish to implement sharia law in this country and do away with our freedom.  I would encourage Mr. Takei to study up on sharia law and ask himself if that is the future he would wish for America.
Is creating a registry for muslims & halting the flow of “refugees” into the U.S. ignorant & hateful?  No.  It’s COMMON SENSE.  The President’s job is to protect America AND Americans.  Just as you wouldn’t let a stranger take your child somewhere.  Because you are the parent & your number one job is to protect your child.  We have rules and laws in this country for a reason.
Mr. Takei’s petition keeps mentioning bigotry, racism & hatred (favorite words that Liberals love to toss around).  Protecting our citizens and our country is not hateful, but causing death & carnage to innocent people, in the name of alllllllah is.  I wish our fellow Americans, the Liberals, would please pay attention to reality.   ~~Sister Patriot
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook and Twitter.  She is also featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.
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Liberal Poopy Pants Over Trump Inauguration

I was just reading some comments by the friends of an acquaintance regarding the upcoming inauguration.  Most of the people commenting are liberals, so you can imagine….  One person in particular commented that going to Trump’s inauguration would be very crowded & cold.  There would be lots of walking & standing for a long period involved.  But the “worst” part about it, for her, would be that the crowd will be mostly Trump supporters.  “There will be fundamentalist Christians there en masse” and “anti-choice people” There will also be “anti-gay people” there.  Everything will be “Republican” and “Republicans will be all over the place”.  They will be selling “Trump paraphernalia in booths only“. (It’s Trump’s inauguration!  Does she want them to sell Obama or Hillary stuff too?)  In her opinion, it would be a punishment to have to go to such an event and be subjected to “those people”. 
Is this woman from the same group of people who are screaming that Trump is going to “divide America”??  The same group of people who didn’t notice that B.O. has already divided America & put the Grand Canyon in between us?  The same group of people that preach Kum-ba- yah from one side of their mouths while trashing everyone who doesn’t think like them out of the other? 
One more thing… we pro-life people aren’t just “anti-abortion”… we are anti-killing babies.  We are anti-going against God’s Word and rejecting what He has given to us.  “Pro-choice” sounds much less horrible than what it really means, so let’s call it what it is.  Pro-Choice = Pro-baby murder.  And as for the gay thing…  I don’t know any fellow Christians who are out to actively “de-gay” the population.  We’re simply saying that for us, we will serve the Lord.  We will obey His command.  As for everyone else, they have the same free will we do. We have all been given the same gift.  It’s up to us to choose whether we will accept it or not.  You see, in my opinion, good Christians do not TELL other people what to do.  That’s what Liberals are for.
Reading through those hateful comments, it’s easy to see that we really are not of this world & the more the world goes on, the more apparent that fact becomes. 
You can read Sister Patriot daily on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray
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Here’s the Deal on the Recount…


Here is my take on all the recount business…. I think the Left’s point in doing this (aside from simply having their diapers in a wad over losing) is to try & somehow discredit President Elect Trump. Just like the fit they threw back when President Bush won & they lost their minds. I have no doubt that President Elect Trump will be inaugurated in January & he is & will be our new President for the next 4 (& hopefully 8) years. But here’s the thing you really need to wrap your head around:
WE know that Hillary would’ve finished off what’s left of America.
WE know that President Trump is now positioned to #draintheswamp and #MAGA
WE fully understand how fortunate we are that Trump won!
BUT… after President Trump starts cleaning up the putrid filth the Left polluted our Constitutional Republic with.
AFTER he’s done away with OVomitCare & people can actually see their physicians again & afford decent medical insurance.
AFTER the economy improves & job growth skyrockets.
AFTER isisssss is wiped off the map & our strong bond with Israel is restored.
AFTER terrorism dwindles and people feel safe again.
AFTER our borders are sealed & criminal illegals are deported.
AFTER middle America can breathe again & rebuild so much of what it’s lost…..
AFTER things are just a whole lot better in this country,
They will STILL be clamoring to get their next commie candidate elected in the next round. They won’t appreciate the bullet we’ve ALL dodged in this last election. They won’t realize, “Wow, things are so much better… President Trump WAS the right choice!” They’ll just whine through the next 4 to 8 years until the next election when they will all ignorantly hope to undo all the good that President Trump will have achieved.
And THAT is just how it is. Are they stupid? Are they masochists? Or are they just indoctrinated beyond belief? Who knows. I will never understand that group of people. I’m just grateful I’m not one of them. ~~ Sister Patriot


You can read Sister Patriot daily  on Facebook & Twitter.  She is also featured blogger for Right-Winged Birds of Pray.

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